Journal of Property Valuation and Investment: Volume 13 Issue 5


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Forecasting commercial rental values using ARIMA models

Tony McGough, Sotiris Tsolacos

The application of short‐term forecasting techniques to theprediction of commercial rental values generates valuable informationabout the dynamics of rent movements. It…

Currency risk and international property investments

Elaine Worzala

Incorporating exchange rate fluctuations into the analysis of aninternational investment substantially alters the expected risk andreturn characteristics of the…

Economic reform and the future for real estate in the People′s Republic of China

Anthony Walker, Keith McKinnell

Examines the development of China′s land management system and thehidden constraints within which a socialist market system is striving toget established. Also examines…

Valuation of real estate assets in China

Kwong Chau, Wai Lai

Examines the problems of valuing properties in China, as part of anongoing research project on the developing of the socialist marketeconomy in China. Identifies these…

The performance of the German property market between 1989 and 1994

Matthias Thomas

While there are numerous indices for the German stock and bondmarkets, no performance index exists for the German property market, yetforeign institutional investors in…



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