Journal of Property Valuation and Investment: Volume 11 Issue 4


Built Environment

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Property Taxation under Conditions of Rapid Urban Growth: the Singapore Experience

Amy Lee

Discusses the role of property taxation in a developed economy.Outlines the variations of method that can be adopted. Illustrates, viaa case study of Singapore, particular…

Valuation of Real Estate Certificates

David Miltz, Jean‐Yves de Vel, Thibaud Dedier

Examines the valuation of a real estate leasing certificate inBelgium. Develops a detailed model, which derives from the valuationtheory concerning participating…

Future Directions in Real Estate Research

Kenneth M. Lusht

Addresses how real estate has performed as an investment, theefficiency of real estate markets, valuation issues, the pricing ofcontract contingencies, prices and price…

Key Issues in Property‐led Urban Restructuring: a European Perspective

Gianni Carbonaro, Eamonn D′Arcy

Discusses issues resulting from a property developer or investor′sactive involvement in urban restructuring strategies. Illustrates themwith recent European examples of…



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Journal of Valuation

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