Journal of Property Valuation and Investment: Volume 11 Issue 2


Table of contents

Authorised Property Funds

Alex Inglis

Looks at the nature of property unit trusts and theirattractiveness to different types of investors. Considers the prospectsfor a successful launch of property funds…

Fraud and Negligence Claims against Surveyors

N.R. Mazure, J.C. Trigg Waddell

Seeks to tackle in the broadest possible terms the legal andpractical aspects of fraud and negligence claims in relation toresidential mortgage valuations and surveys…

Property Company Financial Reporting: Potential Weaknesses

R.J. Barkham, D.E. Purdy

Aims to alert members of the surveying professions to the potentialweaknesses of property company accounts. Discusses the valuation ofinvestments, the disposal of…

Reinvestment Rate Risk Analysis

Michael J. Crean

Offers an analytical tool that measures reinvestment rate risk.Expands the knowledge of the concept of reinvestment vis‐...‐vis theinternal rate of return via the external…

A Comparative Analysis of the Major Determinants of Office Rental Values in Europe

Bruno Giussani, Marshall Hsia, Sotiris Tsolacos

Presents an empirical investigation of office rental trends forsome of the largest cities in Europe. Uses annual data for the period1983‐91 to test the changes in rental…



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