Journal of Property Valuation and Investment: Volume 10 Issue 1


Built Environment

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Techniques and Challenges in Developing Property Indices

Leonard Brennan

Presents the methodology for designing, creating and maintaining aperformance index of properties held in institutional portfolios.Illustrates the technique using the…

The Role of Real Estate in Efficient Investment Portfolios

J.H. Goslings, V.L. Petri

Looks at the risk/return characteristics of real estate on thebasis of both appraisal and market values. Broadens this analysis toinclude inflation. Makes a series of…

Appraisal Database and Information

Stephen Foster, Stanley Hamilton

Presents a case study of the British Columbia Assessment Authority(BCAA) that has been a leader in the development of comprehensive datasystems for use in mass appraisal…

Asset Valuations in Europe

Peter Champness

Examines the origins, objectives and achievements of the EuropeanGroup of Valuers of Fixed Assets. Discusses the principles and contentsof the European Guidance Notes on…

The Valuation of Petrol Filling Stations

David R. Hunter

Indicates in broad terms the areas which should be considered byvaluers of petrol filling stations. Notes that rental values and capitalvalues will involve careful…

The Compensation Provisions of the Planning and Compensation Act 1991

G.S. Sams

Provides a section by section guide to the compensation provisionsof the Planning and Compensation Act 1991. Concludes that pressure forfurther change will continue but…

Distribution Property Trends and Influences

David S. Baker

Challenges the concept of warehousing as the stockholding facilityfor oversupply. Comments on the historic context, the current market,the property element and volume…



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