International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management: Volume 31 Issue 5


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Incivility, satisfaction and turnover intention of tourist hotel chefs: Moderating effects of emotional intelligence

Hsi-Tien Chen, Chih-Hung Wang

This study examines the relationships among workplace incivility, job satisfaction and turnover intention for tourist hotel chefs. Furthermore, emotional intelligence is taken as…


Hotel’s online reviews and ratings: a cross-cultural approach

Ramona Diana Leon

This paper aims to examine the impact of cultural specificity on hotel’s online reviews and ratings.


An exploratory temporal analysis of the lodging market and state economic recovery from Hurricane Sandy (The lodging market recovery from Hurricane Sandy)

Danny Woosik Choi, Seoki Lee, Manisha Singal

The purpose of this study is to examine how the lodging market and the state economy affected by Hurricane Sandy have recovered from the damages sustained. Specifically, this…

A cross-level analysis of management commitment and work ability among senior casino dealers in Macau

Jun (Justin) Li, Jong-Hyeong Kim

This paper aims to investigate the corporate-level determinants (i.e. management commitment) of work ability. It also examined whether mid-level contextual variables intensify the…

Cognitive antecedents and affective consequences of customers’ self-concept in brand management: A conceptual model

Jiseon Ahn

This study aims to analyze the antecedents and consequences of customers’ actual and ideal self-congruence in the tourism and hospitality context. This research analyzes…


CSR communication strategies and stakeholder engagement of upscale hotels in social media

Deniz Kucukusta, Mariia Perelygina, Wing Sze Lam

The purpose of this study is to investigate how hotels practice corporate social responsibility (CSR) communication through social media, including which content type and media…


Determinants of online hotel room prices: comparing supply-side and demand-side decisions

Rouzbeh Razavi, Aviad A. Israeli

This study aims to examine the effect of hotels’ star ratings and customer ratings on online hotel prices from both supply- and demand-side perspectives.


Beer style subcategories: persuading consumers to become loyal

Carl A. Boger Jr, Jookyung Kwon, Marisa Ritter

Beer style consumers identify themselves more with a beer style, craft or national, rather than with brands. Tribal brand researchers have suggested that beer style consumers feel…

Understanding customer-customer rapport in a senior group package context

Jinsoo Hwang, JungHoon (Jay) Lee

As the elderly population in Korea grows, sales of travel packages for elderly people are also increasing. Senior tourists should spend much time with other tourists because of…

Cruise brand experience: functional and wellness value creation in tourism business

Jiseon Ahn, Ki-Joon Back

Experience and value creation have become integral themes for tourism service providers. This study aims to understand the role of different types of experiences in formulating…

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