Journal of Property Finance: Volume 8 Issue 2


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The historical performance of Singapore property stocks

Kim Hiang Liow

Investigates the investment performance of listed Singapore propertycompanies over the past 21 years. Risk‐adjusted performance for the companies remained inferior to…


An extended actuarial model of rehabilitation versus new construction of housing

Ivan M. Johnstone

Johnstone’s (1995) actuarial benefit‐cost ratio model estimates the maximum justifiable expenditure on rehabilitation of public housing for each age at which…


Currency swaps as a hedging technique for an international real estate investment

Elaine M. Worzala, Richard D. Johnson, Colin M. Lizieri

Uses Monte Carlo simulation to demonstrate the benefits of employing a currency swap to hedge the exchange rate exposure in a single international real estate investment…


An application of the ARIMA model to real‐estate prices in Hong Kong

Raymond Y.C. Tse

Technical analysis lies on the premiss that short‐term market price at any time is revealed by pattern of prior price movements. Tests empirically the pattern of the real…


Perceptions of risk in the Private Finance Initiative

Paul Gallimore, Will Williams, David Woodward

The UK Government’s Private Finance Initiative introduces new arrangements for the provision of buildings from which public services are delivered. These arrangements…




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