Journal of Property Finance: Volume 8 Issue 1


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Valuation of real estate assets using the adjusted present value method

Dogˇan Tırtırogˇlu

Explains that three approaches to valuation under leverage are found in the financial economics literature: weighted average cost of capital (WACC); flow‐to‐equity (FTE…


Building defects, warranties and project financing from pre‐completion marketing

Seow‐Eng Ong

Postulates that project financing from pre‐completion marketing accentuates the tendency for the property developer to shirk from exercising the optimal level of care and…


The financial aspects of property management: the case of Kiev City

Mark Deakin

Outlines the attempts made over the past few years to develop the financial services required by Kiev City Council to function as a privatization authority. Looks at the…


Property lending survey 1996

Mike Riley, David Isaac

Presents the results of a 1996 survey of the lending practices (for property) of 65 banks and financial institutions. Highlights the salient results in investment…




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1990 – 1997

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