Journal of Property Finance: Volume 6 Issue 4


Built Environment

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Estimated realization price: what do the banks want and what can realistically be provided

Richard Lovell, Nick French

Studies the effects of the downturn in the property market in thelate 1980s on banking business practices and the banks′ consequentreassessment of their reliance on…

Acquisition and disposal of corporate real estate: some UK evidence

Kim Hiang Liow

Examines property acquisition/disposal decisions of UK retailerswithin the context of the financial objectives of the firm. Contraststhe financial structure of a “net…

Environmental risk: potential rational borrower behaviour

John C. Groth, Mark W. Baumann

Addresses the conceptual consequences of rational behaviour in thecontext of potential outcomes from environmental risk. Identifies themain scenarios faced by a borrower…

Property cycles in the UK: an empirical investigation of the stylized facts

Tony McGough, Sotiris Tsolacos

Applies the methodology adopted in contemporary business cycleresearch on establishing the stylized facts of aggregate outputfluctuations, in the context of the office…

Relationship between land values and uses in Sydney′s central area

R.T.M. Whipple

Investigates and evaluates land use data and valuation in Sydney′scentral area. Proposes that, in order to make informed investmentdecisions, there should be an…



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1990 – 1997

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