Journal of Property Finance: Volume 6 Issue 3


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An actuarial model of rehabilitation versus new construction of housing

Ivan M. Johnstone

Develops actuarial benefit‐cost ratio models of rehabilitation andnew dwelling construction to indicate when investment in public housingis best diverted from new…


Using commercial property indices for measuring portfolio performance

Gerald R. Brown, George A. Matysiak

The measurement of property portfolio performance is an importantissue that, superficially, appears very straightforward. All that isrequired is an index of property…


Real estate portfolio diversification by property type and region

Piet M.A. Eichholtz, Martin Hoesli, Bryan D. MacGregor, Nanda Nanthakumaran

Analyses data from the USA and UK to determine whetherdiversification within a region by property type is better thandiversification between regions within a property…


Is there a place for property in the multi‐asset portfolio?

Peter Byrne, Stephen Lee

Uses modern portfolio theory and a spreadsheet optimizer to make anex‐post examination of the strategic diversification effects ofincluding property in a multi‐asset…




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1990 – 1997

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