Journal of Property Finance: Volume 4 Issue 3


Built Environment

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An evaluation of organisational policies and programmes in urban and property regeneration within the West Midlands

S.M. Gower, A.S. Sagoo, P.O. Olomolaiye

Reports a structured evaluation of organisational policies andprogrammes in context of whether or not co‐ordinated and coherentpolicies, strategies, and programmes are…

The move to floating exchange rates: prospects for inflation and the implications for property values

Philip M. Booth

Considers the implications of the return to floating exchange ratesfor future inflation. Analyses changes in investment yields inconventional and index‐linked bond markets…

A comparison of property finance in France and the UK

N.E. Tinworth

Summarises the findings of a recent study undertaken to compare andcontrast property finance in France and the UK. Surmises that the extentof banking lending to property…

Financial reporting exposure Draft 4

D.S. Ryland

Describes changes to the Financial Reporting Exposure Draft issuedby the Accounting Standards Board. Highlights risk as a significantindication as to whether or not an…

Commercial property lending: confidence survey

Mike Riley, David Isaac

Examines the position of confidence of commercial property lendersas surveyed by the Chesterton Financial/CSW Confidence Barometer.Describes the confidence barometer as…

Optimising property portfolio holdings: a scenario‐assisted approach

George A. Matysiak

Suggests that in a climate of uncertainty, property investmentdecisions need to be undertaken within a quantifiable risk and returnframework. Offers an analytical…

Chateau Joseph: a case study in hotel conversions in France

Alec H. Evans

Examines one particular case of French chateau development– Chateau Joseph. Considers the sources of capital, theconversion process and how initial cost estimates had to…



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