Journal of Property Finance: Volume 1 Issue 2


Table of contents

Convertible Mortgages

David Sproul

Discusses legal and tax issues surrounding the structuring ofconvertible mortgages. Concludes that convertible mortgages can bestructured in the UK, but the complexity…


An Approach to Property Joint Ventures

David Albert, John Watson

Overviews partnership structure and taxation. Explains JointVenture Company (JVC) structure, taxation and accounting. ComparesPartnership with JVC. Explores the…


The 50/50 Home Purchase Plan

Simon A. Hill

Explains the 50/50 Home Purchase Plan. Covers the background,advantages and risks of the plan from the developer′s and thepurchaser′s viewpoints. Makes recommendations on…


Completion Risk Insurance

A. South

Explains the insurance industry′s response to the problem ofdelayed completion of developments. Overviews some options open toowners wishing to lay off the completion…


The BES Market for Residential Development

Patrick Way

Explains the background behind the Business Expansion Scheme (BES).Considers how BES can be used for residential development under theassured tenancy rules. Considers the…


Why Do Institutions Invest in Property?

Y. Rydin, W. Rodney, C. Orr

Discusses the risk‐return profile of property investment. Reportson a telephone survey of financial institutions concerning propertyinvestment. Comments on the survey…


Property Development Receiverships

Nigel Vooght

Discusses some problems associated with a developer′s insolvencypart way through a building project. Explains the role and duties of areceiver and an administrative…


The Use of Computer Software for DCF Flow Analysis in the Context of the North American Real Estate Market

Michael Patrick

Compares and contrasts commercial property leasing in the USA,Canada and the UK. Notes that the complexity of leasing arrangements inNorth America demand a discounted cash…


Futures Trading and Finance in the Housing Market

Gordon Gemmill

Overviews the conditions which are necessary for a futures marketin housing. Indicates some ways in which the new market might be used.Examines whether a national price…


The Valuation of Shares in an Unquoted Property Company – Part 1

John Falla

Considers the difference between owning a share in a property assetand owning shares in a property company itself. Assesses variouscategories of activities, asset types…


Recent Developments in Mortgage Documentation

N.M. Rees Jones

Reviews the effect recent (since 1983) legislation has had onmortgage documentation with particular reference to the Insolvency Act1986. Suggests that increased use of…


Funding Golf Course Development

Andrew Thorburn, Robert Tiltscher

Comments on the demand for more golf clubs. Discusses the marketand investment potential for different types of course. Offersguidelines for developers. Outlines possible…


French Property Finance

Chris Watson

Gives a general introduction to obtaining finance on domestic andcommercial properties in France. Points out some (to British eyes)unfamiliar aspects of French tax and…




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1990 – 1997

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