Journal of Property Finance: Volume 1 Issue 1


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The Appraisal and Screening of Applications in the Commercial Mortgage Market

James McGregor

Confines the study to lending from a centralized base where thelender is seeking volume business and has little or no previousknowledge of the applicant. Sets ground rules…


Sources of Finance in Residential Investment

Peter Cohen

Offers advice on making loans in the residential market. Brieflydiscusses the market. Offers pointers on structuring a loan. Exploressome financing options. Tabulates some…


Off Balance Sheet Finance

Michael Chartres

Explains Off Balance Sheet Finance (OBSF). Discusses its use andmisuse. Concludes that whilst OBSF is not intrinsically good or bad, itcan be useful, can be abused and…


Limited and Non‐recourse Property Loans: The Current Market

R.W. Fairchild

Defines and explains limited and non‐recourse property loans,together with some aspects of off‐balance sheet borrowing. Provides abrief history of the development of…


US Begins Attack on Foreign Investment

Howard Garfield

Comments on the effect the US 1989 Tax Act has on“foreign” and multinational companies and the so‐calledearnings‐stripping provision.


The Long‐Term Mortgage Market Now: UK Banks, Foreign Banks and Assurance Companies

Carroll Raphael

Reviews recent (from the mid 1970s) economic history, applying itto today′s mortgage market. Discusses loan sources – UK banks,overseas banks and life assurance companies…


The Traditional Developer’s Role and Legal Contractual Responsibilities and Liabilities Re‐examined

Alan Elias

Lists key tasks developers have traditionally been expected toundertake. Points out two areas where the developer has not acceptedresponsibility: on‐time completion and…


The Companies Axe Falls

David Tillet

Explains four devices used to keep borrowings off the balance sheetunder the old Companies Act. Explains how the 1989 Act prevents these.Comments on how some companies…


The Extent of Building Societies′ Involvement in Commercial Property Lending

B.J. Heryet

Examines the background and reasoning behind building societies′involvement in the commercial property lending sector. Explains how theyare operating in the market. Looks…


Development Appraisal and the Computer

Stephen G. Sykes

Suggests that conventional approaches to development appraisal aresimplistic even when a computer is used. Overviews some conventionalapproaches with advantages and…




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1990 – 1997

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