Journal of Educational Administration: Volume 57 Issue 4


Table of contents - Special Issue: Understanding third sector participation in public schooling through partnerships, collaborations, alliances and entrepreneurialism

Guest Editors: Nina Kolleck, Miri Yemini

Understanding school-NGO partnerships

Peter Sleegers

In the author’s reflection on the special issue, the author will start with a brief discussion of the different theoretical, methodological and empirical contributions of…

The third sector and innovation: competitive strategies, incentives, and impediments to change

Christopher Lubienski, Laura Perry

Much justification for third sector involvement in education advances from the notion that attributes from business and non-profit fields could benefit state-run public…

Ethics in third sector–school partnerships: a conceptual framework

Ori Eyal, Izhak Berkovich

In recent years, third sector–school partnerships have become more common and received increasing research attention. Yet, the ethical aspects of third sector–school…

NGO–school interactions as portrayed by elite and popular press in Israel and England

Eran Tamir, Miri Yemini, Khen Tucker

The purpose of this paper is to map, characterize and conceptualize the press discourse of NGO–school interactions within public education in Israel and in England.

Opportunities and challenges for NGOs amid competing institutional logics

Joshua L. Glazer, Laura Groth, Blair Beuche

This paper considers the implications of reform efforts that rely on charter management organizations to assume operational control of underperforming neighborhood…

Governments, markets, and instruction: considerations for cross-national research

Donald J. Peurach, David K. Cohen, James P. Spillane

The purpose of this paper is to examine relationships among governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations and the organization and management of instruction…

The power of third sector organizations in public education

Nina Kolleck

The purpose of this paper is to address school–NGO interactions by analyzing the power of foundations – a specific type of third sector organization or NGO in education.

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