Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 9 Issue 6


Operations and Logistics Management

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Virtual prototyping for customized product development

Mitchell M. Tseng, Jianxin Jiao, Chuan‐Jun Su

Customized product development is facing the challenges of maintaining mass producibility and exploring customer perception on target products. This paper reports an…

A comparison between manual and hybrid methods in parts inspection

Anil Mital, M. Govindaraju, B. Subramani

Seeks to determine whether hybrid inspection performance is superior to manual performance in a generic manufacturing setup. Explains the design of an experiment to…

A systems engineering approach to manufacturing systems analysis

R. Mason‐Jones, D. Berry, M.M. Naim

The paper reviews the systems movement and suggests that systems engineering is required for successful problem solving and the redesign of manufacturing systems. A case…

A novel tabu search approach to find the best placement sequence and magazine assignment in dynamic robotics assembly

Chao‐Ton Su, Li‐Hsing Ho, Hsin‐Pin Fu

Notes that, until now, to route robotics travel, most investigations have utilized the fixed coordinate of placement points and magazine of the traveling salesman problem…

Redesigning jobshops to cellular manufacturing systems

Godfrey C. Onwubolu

Grouping parts into families which can be produced by a cluster of machine cells is the cornerstone of cellular manufacturing, which in turn is the building block for…

A survey report on design for manufacture in the UK furniture manufacturing industry

G.Q. Huang, K.L. Mak

This article reports on a questionnaire survey with the aim to determine the extent of familiarity with and use of design for manufacture (DFM) in the UK furniture…



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