Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 9 Issue 4


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The current state of affairs in dimensional tolerancing: 1997

Herbert B. Voelcker

This paper summarizes the evolution of mechanical tolerancing practices, the general character of tolerances as they are currently understood, the current state of…

Flexibility and responsiveness of machining environments

Nabil N. Gindy, Sameh M. Saad

In this paper manufacturing responsiveness is related to the ability of manufacturing systems to utilise its existing resources to make a rapid and balanced response to…

Manufacturing and product development in the USA, in particular in the Los Angeles Basin and the strategic training and implementation of high manufacturing technology

Karl‐H. Grote, Michael L. Walo, Jeffrey L. Miller

“The battle is won in the strategy room, not on the battlefield.” These words by Sun Tzu are certainly very important for the implementation of new technologies, such as…

Study on multifunctional rapid prototyping manufacturing system

Yongnian Yan, Renji Zhang, Qingping Lu, Zhaohui Du

Multi‐functional rapid prototyping manufacturing system (M‐RPMS) is an important potential developing field and tendency of RP technique. Application area of the M‐RPMS…

Integration of design method software for concurrent engineering using axiomatic design

Ke‐Zhang Chen

Concurrent engineering can help manufacturing enterprises to achieve shorter time to market, reduced development costs, and high‐quality products. In order to realize the…



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