Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 9 Issue 3


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Activity based costing in manufacturing: two case studies on implementation

Amrik S. Sohal, Walter W.C. Chung

This paper presents two case studies on the implementation of activity based costing (ABC). The first case is a company based in Melbourne, Australia, which manufactures…


The manufacturing strategy process: incorporating a learning perspective

John Mills, Andy Neely, Ken Platts, Huw Richards, Mike Gregory

This paper describes a longitudinal picture of manufacturing strategy called a strategy chart. It begins with a summary of the research methodology used to develop and…


Comprehensive simulation analysis of a flexible hybrid assembly system

Sameh M. Saad, Mike D. Byrne

A comprehensive analysis of a flexible hybrid assembly system (FHAS) where automated devices and human operators interact is presented. A computer simulation programme and…

On‐machine measurement of workpieces with the cutting tool

Liu Zhan‐Qiang, Patri K. Venuvinod, V.A. Ostafiev

A new system for on‐machine measurement of workpieces is described. The system is based on a fine touch sensor that enables the cutting tool itself to act as a contact…


Manufacturing managers: their quality of working life

Vic Gilgeous

A postal survey to manufacturing managers in five different industry sectors was conducted to ascertain how manufacturing managers perceived their quality of working life…


The economics of air conditioning for precision manufacturing: a simulation model

Moutaz Khouja, J. William Shelnutt, Michael Wilmot

Extreme temperature and humidity are major causes of errors in industrial precision and in dimensional measurement. In addition, hot and/or humid workplaces have adverse…

Investigation of an additional part to optimal schedule

S.H. Choi, J.S.L. Lee

The pair‐wise comparison technique has been applied to many algorithms for solving complicated scheduling problems. The optimality gap between the pair‐wise comparison…




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