Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 9 Issue 1


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Using simulation to evaluate the batching approach to part type selection in flexible manufacturing systems

Mario T. Tabucanon, Dentcho N. Batanov, Sanjay Basu

The selection of part types for simultaneous processing in a Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) is one of the most responsible phases of the short‐time production…

Comparison of conventional and dynamic FMS periodic loading rules

Pacifico Marcello Pelagagge, Gino Cardarelli, Alberto Santalucia

Reports on a comparison by computer simulation between conventional periodic loading (PL) and job‐group loading (JGL). When conventional PL is used, the search of the best…

Constraint‐based spatial representation technique for the container packing problem

C.K. Chua, V. Narayanan, J. Loh

The spatial representation technique is an efficient method for packing boxes into a container; however, it has a limitation in dealing with constraints. For practical…

Lace cutting for the next millennium

M.R. Jackson, M.E. Preston

The problems of pattern cutting as applied to flexible elastic mesh fabrics (lace) are described within the context of the total manufacturing process. While the design…

Manufacturing integration strategy using MRP II and RTMs: a case study in South China

W.H. Ip

This paper describes a process to implement manufacturing strategies that are consistent with a particular company’s overall business strategies. The company is situated…


Achieving a successful EIS: linking TQM and best practice

Mohamed Zairi, John Oakland, Shyh‐Ho Chang

An executive information system (EIS) is a high‐reward, high‐risk project and is often developed with high expectations which end in failure. There exist significant…




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