Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 8 Issue 6


Operations and Logistics Management

Table of contents

A methodology for data gathering and analysis in a logistics simulation project

Juha‐Matti Lehtonen, Ulla Seppala

Presents a methodology called controllability analysis in logistics. Controllability focuses on two first steps of the simulation project: problem definition; and data…

Customizing manufacturing strategy

Peter J. Sackett, Douglas J. Maxwell, Paul L. Lowenthal

Draws on the convergence in enterprise and manufacturing strategies apparent in the established theories and models. Develops this form through enterprise‐wide competitive…

A framework of decision‐support systems in advanced manufacturing enterprises ‐ a systems view

Richard Ying Kit Fung, Shouju Ren, Jurgen Bode, Shaowu Luo

Analyses the environment and characteristics of an advanced manufacturing system (AMS). It is an open system with a multi‐layer structure and a self‐organizing ability…

Simultaneous route selection and cell formation: a mixed‐integer programming time‐cost model

Bhaba R. Sarker, Kun Li

Presents a mixed‐integer programme to simultaneously select part routeings and form machine cells in the presence of alternate process plans so that the total cost of…

Integrated application in CAD/CAM, scheduling and control

Jau Woie Chang, Yih Ping Luh, Shean Shyong Chiou

Integrates CAD/CAM, production control and process control in a case study involving manufacturing automation. The manufacturing firm is a distributed cellular system…

An integrated estimation and design system for fire protection equipment

Charles E.R. Wainwright, Albert C.K. Leung, Raymond Leonard

Describes the development of an integrated computer‐based system (PROTECT) to aid the design of complex fire protection systems. Explains how PROTECT, developed through…



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