Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 8 Issue 5


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Manufacturing strategy ‐ keeping it relevant by addressing the needs of the market

Terry Hill

The key role of operations in the success of a business is never in question. Its relevance and essential role in the continued success of companies in an increasingly…

A hierarchical model of business competence

J.C. Baker, J. Mapes, C.C. New, M. Szwejczewski

Although widely used, the concept of business competence is not well defined. Proposes a hierarchical model which integrates the different types of competence which have…

International manufacturing configuration map: a self‐assessment tool of international manufacturing capabilities

Yongjiang Shi, Michael Gregory, Michael Naylor

Introduces a practical tool ‐ an international manufacturing configuration “map” ‐ for the identification of international manufacturing network patterns and assessment of…

Transferring manufacturing technology to China: supplier perceptions and acquirer expectations

David Bennett, Zhao Hongyu, Kirit Vaidya, Wang Xing Ming

Results of complementary surveys of foreign and Chinese manufacturing enterprises with respect to their objectives and expectations regarding technology transfer into…

The modular consortium in a new VW truck plant in Brazil: new forms of assembler and supplier relationship

Roberto Marx, Mauro Zilbovicius, Mario Sergio Salerno

Since November 1995, VW has been running an experimental plant to produce trucks and buses in Brazil. The manufacturing strategy is quite different from the current…

The development of strategic capabilities ‐ an interaction view

Simon Croom, Joy Batchelor

Concerns the nature of strategic capabilities from a network (rather than single‐firm) context. Augments what may be termed the predominantly structural and inward‐looking…

Manufacturing vision and competitiveness

Roy Maslen, Ken W. Platts

Discusses a refinement to the process by which manufacturing strategy is created. Builds on an existing strategy process (Platts, 1990) and adapts it to fit more closely…

Supply‐chain collaboration and success in technology implementation

T.F. Burgess, H.K. Gules, M. Tekin

Competitive success is increasingly linked to implementing change in a co‐ordinated manner within the organization and in the extended value network that embeds the…

Strategically flexible production and the extra‐firm infrastructures: how regions become attractive

Emilio Bartezzaghi, Gianluca Spina, Roberto Verganti

Many post‐Fordist experiences seem nowadays to converge on an emerging manufacturing paradigm that the authors have named strategically flexible production (SFP). The…



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