Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 8 Issue 1


Operations and Logistics Management

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Intelligent simulation‐based scheduling of workcells: an approach

Tan Hock Soon, Robert de Souza School

In recent years, many firms have rediscovered the importance of scheduling on the shopfloor. Within the manufacturing functions, scheduling remains among the most…

Systems integration ‐ coping with legacy systems

Valdew Singh

Today systems integration has become a strategic issue of major concern. The aim is to facilitate sharing and dissemination of information across functional boundaries…

Organizational growth demands concurrent engineering

Nelson K.H. Tang, Ossie Jones, Paul L. Forrester

In the past few years a considerable amount of research knowledge regarding organizational change and concurrent engineering (CE) has been accumulated. Suggests that…

Performance evaluation of a manufacturing system with multi‐level stock profile

M. Aldanondo

Indicator definition is essential for manufacturing system performance evaluation. When the relevant decision system is hierarchical, so must be the indicators. Proposes…

Enhancing flexibility of vision‐based robots using an artificial neural network approach

Siang Kok Sim, Ming Yeong Teo

Describes work based on the hypothesis that the use of artificial neural networks can imbue vision‐based robots with the ability to learn about their environment and hence…

Adaptive simulation of a keyboard assembly cell

T.A. Spedding, W.L. Lee, R. de Souza, S.S.G. Lee

Describes the development of an adaptive simulation model for a keyboard assembly cell for real‐time decision support. Discusses the architecture of the modelling and…

Economical optimization of tool replacement intervals

Mou Jianqiang, Lee Moi Keow

On the basis of tool life stochastic distributions and tool reliability for the case of tool failure by wear, develops a model for determining optimal tool replacement…



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