Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 7 Issue 2


Table of contents

Evolutionary patterns in international research and development

Vittorio Chiesa

Technology and product development processes are increasingly subject to internationalization, and the importance of research and development (R&D) activities carried out…

Offshore investment strategies and technological upgrading in electronics manufacture in South‐East Asia

D.J. Williams, K.J. Tilley

Explores the operations of US and Japanese electronics manufacturers in South‐East Asia from two perspectives. Uses views from a small number of company headquarters in…

AMT investments in New Zealand: purpose, pattern and outcomes

Amrik S. Sohal

Discusses the purpose, pattern and outcomes of investments in advanced manufacturing technologies (AMTs) in New Zealand firms. Based on data collected from 57 firms…

Adapting a manufacturing company to dramatic changes ‐ experiences from the former East Germany

K. Mertins, G. Neubauer

German unification led to a total change in the environment of East German factories. Describes a manufacturing company where these changes led to a massive, multi‐step…

The practical development of a make or buy strategy: the issue of process positioning

D.R. Probert

Reports that the make or buy issue is of major concern within manufacturing businesses, being directly linked to the basis on which a firm chooses to compete. Describes…

An audit‐based approach to the analysis, redesign and continuing assessment of a new product introduction system

G.S. Gardiner, M.J. Gregory

Outlines a new approach to new product introduction (NPI) process redesign based on a comprehensive audit of existing NPI systems. Part of the audit is based on good…

Time‐based software development

Joseph D. Blackburn, Gary D. Scudder

Software projects are commonly late and over budget, causing the product to be late to market. Based on questionnaires and field research with software managers in Europe…

Improvement initiative paths in operations

R. Filippini, C. Forza, A. Vinelli

Considers the improvement initiatives which companies implement in operations, in the areas of design, supply and production (for example, design computerization, linkages…



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