Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 6 Issue 6


Operations and Logistics Management

Table of contents

Computer‐integrated manufacturing assembly system design

Michael M. Nkasu, Kwan Hung Leung

Describes a systematic procedure for the design of a manufacturingassembly system, which has been developed in response to the problemsassociated with the allocation of…

Subcontractors, JIT and kanbans: a brief review of spring manufacturing in Japan and South Korea

John B. Kidd

It is widely believed that JIT processes are a fundamentalnecessity for a business and, as a consequence, for the product chainalso. Thus JIT should be extended to…

Workshops for improving manufacturing effectiveness

Vic Gilgeous

Outlines the scope and application of three workshops and theirparticular uses in the manufacturing environment. Describes the approachtaken in each of three workshops…

A proposed structure for distributed shopfloor control

Thomas J. Crowe, Edward J. Stahlman

Discusses the movement away from hierarchical organizationalstructures towards flatter, heterarchical, structures which is reflectedin the growing interest in distributed…

Manufacturing classification: Lessons from organizational systematics and biological taxonomy

Ian McCarthy

Provides a fresh and novel approach to an established problem; theclassification of manufacturing systems. Reviews existing manufacturingclassifications and biological…



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1990 – 2003

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