Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 6 Issue 3


Table of contents

Developing integration through total quality supply chain management

Paul Levy, John Bessant, Bob Sang, Richard Lamming

Interest in the extension of quality management programmes intocustomer‐supplier relationships in manufacturing is increasing. Thepotential for joint quality improvement…

Strategic issues and policy of CIM adoption in the transition period of the Czech Republic

Milan Malý

Discusses industrial automation in pre‐ and post‐1989Czechoslovakia. Managerial effort in the centrally planned economy wasconcentrated primarily on achieving and…

Integrated manufacturing: a strategic approach

Ken Platts

Integrated manufacturing is a term which is currently in vogue andyet, because of its poor definition, is a concept which is difficult toapply. Seeks to take a strategic…

A computer integrated manufacturing programmed learning environment

Paul L. Forrester, Nelson K.H. Tang, Chris Hawksley

Reviews the wide range of perspectives on the nature, scope andimplications of computer integrated manufacturing (CIM). Presents themain deliverable of a three‐year…

Concept design assessment from specified user needs

Paul A. Rodgers, Alastair C. Patterson, Derek R. Wilson

The actual success or failure of a product is measurable partiallyin terms of the commercial success of the organization producing it.Addresses how to estimate that…

Data management within a manufacturing organization

Amanda Obank, Paul Leaney, Simon Roberts

The effective control of information can lead to a reduction inproduct introduction lead‐times and consequently time to market. Productdata management (PDM) systems are…



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