Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 6 Issue 1


Operations and Logistics Management

Table of contents

Making manufacturing flexibility operational – part 1: a framework

Carl‐Henric Nilsson, Håkan Nordahl

Develops a framework for manufacturing flexibility whichillustrates how to obtain consistency from manufacturing strategy to theresource characteristics in the production…

A computer‐aided inventory management system – part 1: forecasting

C.Y.D. Liu, Keith Ridgway

Argues that the mathematical techniques embodied in existingcomputer‐based inventory management systems software have not kept pacewith developments. Describes the…

MRPII and stand‐alone finite schedulers: the relationships

David Little, Keith Porter, Peter C. Jarvis, John G. Kenworthy

Discusses the relationships between finite schedulers which operateon output from a higher level in a conventional MRPII system, andso‐called stand‐alone schedulers which…

Application of standards in the design of computer‐integrated manufacturing systems

Nourredine Boubekri, Mehmet Dedeoglu, Hesham Eldeeb

New standards for communications, data exchange, and computerintegrated manufacturing systems are being implemented. These newstandards and methods of production are not…

Accounting information system issues of FMS

Ram S. Sriram

Examines how FMS affects the accounting information system oforganizations switching to FMS and the traditional accounting practicesthat change after organizations adopt…



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