Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 5 Issue 2


Operations and Logistics Management

Table of contents

Developing Strategic Information Systems

Sotiris Karababas, Harold Cather

Describes a systematic approach to strategically planning thedevelopment of information systems within an organization. It comprisesfour main phases: initiation, data…

Graphic Simulation of Robot Process Capability

Chiu‐Chi Wei, Ali K. Kamrani, Henry Wiebe

Develops a graphic simulation system in conjunction with a kinematicerror model to assist management in making investment decisions. UsesTaguchi‐type experimental design…

Integration of CAPP and PPC – : Interfusion Manufacturing Management

Hermann Kühnle, Hans‐Jürgen Braun, Jörg Bühring

Introduces concepts for the integration of Computer‐Aided ProcessPlanning (CAPP) and Production Planning and Control (PPC). Characterizesthe current situation regarding…

FMS in Spanish Industry: Lessons from Experience

Angel Martinez Sanchez

Studies some of the factors that played a role in Flexible ManufacturingSystems (FMS) implementation management in Spanish industry. Increasesin production, flexibility…



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1990 – 2003

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