Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 3 Issue 3


Operations and Logistics Management

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Justification of Strategic Investments in Flexible Manufacturing Technology

Regine Slagmulder, Werner Bruggeman

Over the last years traditional accounting methods of investmentappraisal (such as pay‐back period and discounted cash‐flow analysis)have been abundantly criticized for…

A Model for Evaluating Manufacturing System Time Performances

Romeo Castagna, Massimiliano Galli

In a manufacturing system, time performances are measures of systemresponse speed to external influences. This speed depends on theresource allocation process (materials…

Strategic Capacity Planning and Production Scheduling in Jobbing Systems

John Hill, Ricardo Costa, Eduardo Jardim

Jobbing production tends to be a relatively neglected area inoperations planning and control partly because of the relativecomplexity of scheduling in…

The Need for Parallel Operations‐planning Systems

Kurt Rosander

Demonstrates the importance of planning systems and indicates whichplanning systems are suitable for which purpose. Focuses on batchproduction in short series and reports…

Implementing Just‐in‐Time Assembly Methods in a Medium‐sized Scottish Electronics Company

Robert van der Meer, Norman Lawrie, Sun Moon Hwang

There are both “Swedish” and “Japanese”models for the organization of final assembly. Discusses the theoreticaland historical background to these models and the main…



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