Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 3 Issue 1


Operations and Logistics Management

Table of contents

A Structural Framework for Part Feature Recognition: A Link between Computer‐aided Design and Process Planning

Nanua Singh, Dengzhou Qi

As most existing computer‐aided design systems do not provide partfeature information which is essential for process planning, automaticpart feature recognition systems…

Restructuring Operations through the MAF Production Improvement System

Hiromichi Nakamura

Describes the background to, and development and implementation ofa modified JIT method of production. Focuses on: the selection ofproject team members; the leadership of…

An Implementation of MAP Communications

Tom Butler

Describes the new paint facility at Vauxhall′s Ellesmere Portplant, focusing on the MAP 3.0 communications system. Details thecharacteristics and capabilities of the…

Reasons for the Success or Failure of an Automation Project: An Investigation of Small and Medium‐sized Swedish Manufacturing Companies

Ulf Sandberg

Reports an investigation into how 200 small and medium‐sizedSwedish manufacturing companies look upon and treat automationtechnology. Shows that an increasing use of…

Some Strategic Aspects of Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Yunus Kathawala, Sudhir Chawla, Dean Elmuti

Focuses on computer‐integrated manufacturing′s macro aspects andits strategic implications. Defines CIM at the macro and micro level andthe various factors that strongly…



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1990 – 2003

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