Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 14 Issue 8


Operations and Logistics Management

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Internet supporting the procurement process: lessons from four case studies

Emilio Bartezzaghi, Stefano Ronchi

Industrial relationships among companies within the supply chain and procurement processes are changing to cope with new threats and opportunities arising from Internet…

The use of EDI for interorganisational co‐operation and co‐ordination in the supply chain

Angel Martínez Sánchez, Manuela Pérez Pérez

This article analyses the moderation effect of co‐operation on electronic data interchange (EDI) adoption, and the influence of EDI use on the co‐ordinating activities in…

An exploratory analysis of extended grocery supply chain operations and home delivery

Kenneth K. Boyer, G. Tomas Hult, Mark Frohlich

This article examines ordering and delivery data from several home delivery grocers in both the USA and the UK. Contrary to popular perceptions, the demise of home…

Improving manufacturers’ distribution performance and customer service in grocery products supply in Brazil: a longitudinal study

Kleber Figueiredo, Rebecca Arkader, Cesar Lavalle, Maria Fernanda Hijjar

This article deals with the evolution of customer service practices in grocery products distribution in Brazil (1994‐2001), based on a longitudinal survey of grocery…

Operations strategy formation – a continuous process

Linda Nielsen‐Englyst

This article describes and analyses observations from a longitudinal case study to advance an understanding of operations strategy formation as a continuous process. The…

Exploring the contours of supply chain management

Jan Mouritsen, Tage Skjøtt‐Larsen, Herbert Kotzab

Supply chain management (SCM) is becoming a popular concept both in research and in practice. At the EurOMA Conference in Copenhagen in 2002 many papers focused on SCM as…



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