Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 14 Issue 7


Operations and Logistics Management

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Most efficient tool feed direction in three‐axis CNC machining

Zezhong C. Chen, Zuomin Dong, Geoffrey W. Vickers

The objective of CNC machining is to produce mechanical parts with designed quality most efficiently. To generate CNC tool paths for machining a sculptured part using a…

Research on the process model of product development with uncertainty based on activity overlapping

Renbin Xiao, Shangwen Si

The essence of competition among modern enterprises is time; hence the time for product development must be greatly reduced. This paper presents a new process model of…

GA‐driven part e‐manufacturing scheduling via an online e‐service platform

Yingfeng Zhang, Pingyu Jiang, Guanghui Zhou

This paper is mainly concerned with studying the e‐manufacturing scheduling issue based on the bills of materials (BOM) flows of products. On the basis of e‐manufacturing…

Developing the methods of modeling heterogeneous components

Ke‐Zhang Chen, Xin‐An Feng

In order to represent, analyze, optimize, and manufacture a component made of multi‐heterogeneous materials for high‐tech applications, a computer model of the…

Intelligent process‐planning system or optimal CNC programming – a step towards complete automation of CNC programming

Millan K. Yeung

One of the bottle‐necks of computer numerical control (CNC) machining is the CNC programming. It relies on the experience and skills of the CNC programmer for the…

Agent‐based architecture for manufacturing system control

C.K. Fan, T.N. Wong

A flexible manufacturing system (FMS) is a complex manufacturing system and it demands a robust control software for its scheduling, planning and control functions. This…

Machining feature extraction for casting parts

B.F. Wang, Y.F. Zhang, J.Y.H. Fuh

An approach to extract machining features for casting parts is presented. It is capable of recognizing interacting machining features. There are five phases in the…



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