Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 14 Issue 6


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An agility analysis from a production system perspective

M. Jackson, C. Johansson

The competition is becoming truly global, with fragmented markets and customers expecting to get the best product at the best price with immediate availability. In this…


The effects of agile attributes on competitive priorities: a neural network approach

J. Ren, Y.Y. Yusuf, N.D. Burns

Considering the significance of organisational attributes and competitiveness, it is necessary to explore how the attributes affect enterprise competitive capabilities…


Multi‐user Internet environment for gear design optimization

Daizhong Su, Shuyan Ji, Nariman Amin, J.B. Hull

A Web‐based multi‐user system has been developed to remotely execute a large size software package via the Internet. The software implements a genetic algorithm to…

Condition monitoring of power plants through the Internet

J.S. Rao, M. Zubair, C. Rao

Condition monitoring is an important aspect of the maintenance program for rotating machines. The vibration signature is usually analyzed to perform diagnostics of the…

A Web‐based agile system for rolling bearing design

P.Y. Pan, K. Cheng, D.K. Harrison

Rolling bearings are basic mechanical elements for supporting rotational and reciprocating motion in engineering products. Many approaches have been proposed by…

Models and techniques of computer supported cooperative conceptual design

Sun Shouqian, Lin Zongkai

Conceptual design is important in that it determines the creativity of products, which is key to the competition of the product market and the function and cost of product…

Network support for integrated design

Daizhong Su, Xiaoan Chen

A framework of network support for utilization of integrated design over the Internet has been developed. The techniques presented are also applicable for…




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