Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 14 Issue 2


Operations and Logistics Management

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Process planning system for prismatic parts

M.C. Kayacan, S.A. Çelik

This study includes process planning of prismatic parts by means of an expert system. On the computer controlled machine tools, operation methods and mostly used process…

Improving workplace material handling through consolidation of cribs and a dispatching system

Biman Das, Alberto Garcia‐Diaz

The lost time arising from travelling and waiting of the production operators and manufacturing inspectors at the tool and gauge crib counters can be considerable in a…

Manufacturing reengineering in a tubular radiator production plant

Antonio C. Caputo, Pacifico M. Pelagagge

Describes the reengineering of a production line for household heating tubular radiators, assuming as a reference scenario the facility of one of the leading Italian…

Strategies for agility: an evolutionary and configurational approach

Ian McCarthy, Christos Tsinopoulos

Configurational theory can significantly enhance understanding of organisational strategy and diversity. Despite this, there have been limited efforts to examine the value…

Total manufacturing information system: a conceptual model of a strategic tool for competitive advantage

Choong Y. Lee

Recent advances in manufacturing and information technologies present promising strategic alternatives for designing a new manufacturing information system. Total…

Formation of machine groups and part families: a modified SLC method and comparative study

Hassan M. Selim, Reda M.S. Abdel Aal, Araby I. Mahdi

This paper introduces a modified single linkage clustering heuristic (MOD‐SC). The proposed MOD‐SLC objective is to test the application of Baroni‐Urban and Buser (BUB…

Computational system for group technology – PFA case study

Newton Ribeiro dos Santos, Lindolpho Oliveira de Araújo

A computational implementation of the production flow analysis, a software named GROUPTEC, for a small company has been proposed. Using GROUPTEC, a case study has been…

Quality management practice in semiconductor manufacturing industries – empirical studies in Taiwan

Taho Yang, Mu‐Chen Chen, Chao‐Ton Su

Semiconductor manufacturing is in the spotlight of the global manufacturing industries. Quality management is strategically and tactically important for gaining a…

Dynamic scheduling of flexible manufacturing systems using neural networks and inductive learning

Paolo Priore, David de la Fuente, Rau´l Pino, Javier Puente

Dispatching rules are usually applied dynamically to schedule jobs in flexible manufacturing systems. Despite their frequent use, one of the drawbacks that they display is…



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