Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 13 Issue 7


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Integrating EI/TQM efforts for performance improvement: a model

Kit‐Fai Pun, Raj Gill

Many empirical studies verify that a positive correlation exists between employee involvement (EI) and total quality management (TQM) practices. Substantial EI/TQM efforts…

Limiting design criterion analysis of a relay type production line

Rolando Quintana, Gray Wayne Skelton

This research provides an ergonomic analysis of the bucket brigade production line and identifies the potential ergonomic risk factors that may result from the utilization…

A lotsize reduction model for just‐in‐time manufacturing systems

Jiaqin Yang, Richard H. Deane

The importance of reducing product lotsizes in converting traditional job shops into just‐in‐time (JIT) type manufacturing systems has been addressed in the literature…

A fuzzy analysis approach for part‐machine grouping in cellular manufacturing systems

A.M.A. Al‐Ahmari

Among the many accepted clustering techniques, the fuzzy clustering approaches have been developed over the last decades. These approaches have been applied to many areas…

Modelling integration of CAD and inspection planning of simple element features

H.S. Ketan, M.A. Al‐Bassam, M.B. Adel, I. Rawabdeh

Concurrent design and manufacturing is widely accepted as essential for obtaining an economically conceivable design solution for industrial production. Nevertheless the…

Combining scoring method and fuzzy expert systems approach to supplier assessment: a case study

C.K. Kwong, W.H. Ip, J.W.K. Chan

Very often, manufacturing companies have been faced with the problem of assessment and selection of suppliers for their product development. Some methods and techniques…

Robotic grasping: gripper designs, control methods and grasp configurations – a review of research

N. Boubekri, Pinaki Chakraborty

The application of robots to industrial problems often requires grasping and manipulation of the work piece. The robot is able to perform a task adequately only when it is…



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