Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 13 Issue 6


Operations and Logistics Management

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Powerhouse’s management strategies for excellent business achievement

Thomas K.Y. Tang

Many of the Chinese military theorists are famous for their military operations in ancient China and their thoughts and philosophies have been repeatedly translated…

SAE 8C corporate culture model for business competitiveness

Wai Hung Ng

It has been claimed that the prosperity of an organization does not lie in its tough management program or management tools, but in its cultural elements rooted in an…

A study on Sun Pin’s art of business management strategies matching the MBNQA criteria for business competitiveness

Y.S. Tsang, Stephen F. Lee

The recent growth of interests in applying the Chinese art of warfare to complement the Western style of management process suggested that an integrated business model…

National productivity and competitive strategies for the new millennium

P. Shurchuluu

Globalization and national competitiveness are popular issues in our economic policy debates. This paper seeks to clarify these pressing issues facing government, private…

Implementing strategies successfully

Petri Aaltonen, Heini Ikävalko

The paper presents the key findings of a study on strategy implementation. A qualitative study of 298 interviews was conducted in 12 service organizations. In the paper…

The importance of trust: creating wealth in a connective economy

Robert L. Veninga

Outlines some of the major reasons why trust has eroded in contemporary organizations: overwork, changing work schedules, lack of financial resources, and lack of…

Innovation as the basis of ownership and the creation of wealth?

Gregg Li, Robert Tricker, C.Y. Wong

Puts forward the view that the creative and innovative process with which wealth is created should also belong to the innovators, not just the financial investors…

Labour productivity: an important business strategy in manufacturing

Mohd. Sahar Sauian

This paper attempts to highlight the importance of productivity and efficiency in creating wealth or value added, particularly in manufacturing. The essential element is…



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