Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 13 Issue 2


Table of contents

Manufacturing technology evolution trends

Darrell Mann

Discusses the problem definition and solving strategies contained in the TRIZ methodology. Constructed around the findings of over 1,500 person years of research, and the…

Managing the product design process: exchanging knowledge and experiences

Kulwant S. Pawar, Sudi Sharifi

States that the design process includes redesigning, which implies that customer requirements, their scrutiny of the design outcome and their experiences are integral to…

Integrated rapid prototyping and rapid tooling (IRPRT)

James E. Folkestad, Russell L. Johnson

The strategic integration of rapid prototyping and rapid tooling is being used for getting product to the market quickly by resolving a long‐standing conflict between…

A model for evaluating the degree of leanness of manufacturing firms

Horacio Soriano‐Meier, Paul L. Forrester

Clarifies the concept of lean manufacturing and what it comprises. Commences with a review of the lean production literature and, specifically, existing models that…

Reassessing the management of the global supply chain

Bob Ritchie, Clare Brindley

Focuses on specific elements of supply‐chain and partnering arrangements to assess the contribution of these to managing the supply chain and making it more responsive to…

A simulation approach in supply chain management

Felix T.S. Chan, Nelson K.H. Tang, H.C.W Lau, R.W.L. Ip

Evaluates a simulation approach to measuring supply chain performance which incorporates order release theory. Within manufacturing a number of order release mechanisms…



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