Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 13 Issue 1


Operations and Logistics Management

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Strategic business improvement approaches to capital expenditure processes in manufacturing

Rodney McAdam, Eamonn McCarron

Effective use of capital is an important strategic tool for any manufacturing company operating in today’s high technology and capital intensive environment. This purpose…

Manufacturing for synchronous supply: a case study of Ikeda Hoover Ltd

Des Doran

Presents a case study examining the characteristics of synchronous manufacturing within an automotive context. In particular, the case examines the essential differences…

Measuring a manufacturing system’s performance using Saaty’s system with feedback approach

Mustafa Yurdakul

Provides a multi‐criteria performance measurement model to measure the profitability performance of a manufacturing system. In developing the model, analytic hierarchy…

Sequence placement planning for high‐speed PCB assembly machine

N.‐S. Ong, W.‐C. Tan

In order to handle high and rapid production demands, printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers have employed high‐speed surface mount machines into their assembly lines…

Client server‐based distributed architecture for concurrent design of DCS networks: a case study

N.G.P.C. Mahalik, S.K. Lee

Traditional network management tools (NMT) are centralised in nature, as a result of which they are not flexible enough when large control network (e.g. SCADA network…

Design of material handling equipment selection system: an integration of expert system with analytic hierarchy process approach

F.T.S. Chan

A key task in the material handling system design process is the selection and configuration of equipment for material transport and storage in a facility. Material…

QFD: an interactive algorithm for the prioritization of product’s technical design characteristics

Fiorenzo Franceschini, Sergio Rossetto

The paper is concerned with the problem of the “prioritization” of technical design characteristics of a product. An interactive algorithm has been developed with the aim…



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