Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 12 Issue 6


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Development of a digital manual for a manufacturing system – a case study

Richard Greenough, Devendra Fakun, John Kay

This paper describes the development and evaluation of an information system to identify spare parts associated with an automated assembly machine that is part of a Ford…

Technology enablers for supply chain management

Nourredine Boubekri

This paper describes the current business conditions and the four key factors that need to be integrated in order to improve the supply chain. The paper discusses how…


Establishment and use of virtual layouts for manufacturing

Ramazan Yaman

This study offers a new type of manufacturing approach. This approach may be called virtual manufacturing layouts. The study concerns basic themes of the approach. These…


Distributed rapid prototyping – a framework for Internet prototyping and manufacturing

Francis E.H. Tay, Yadav P. Khanal, Kwok Kuen Kwong, Kim Cheng Tan

This paper focuses on the development of a distributed rapid prototyping system via the Internet to form a framework of Internet prototyping and manufacturing for the…


Just‐in‐time management in precast concrete construction: a survey of the readiness of main contractors in Singapore

Low Sui Pheng, Choong Joo Chuan

The Just‐In‐Time (JIT) philosophy holds tremendous potentials for improving the movement of precast concrete components from the prefabrication yard to, and within, the…


Designing and manufacturing consumer products for functionality: a literature review of current function definitions and design support tools

Wen‐Chuan Chiang, Arunkumar Pennathur, Anil Mital

Examines the product design and manufacturing literature to understand why consumer products of daily use often fail to provide the intended function to users…


Process improvement in the presence of qualitative response by combining fuzzy sets and neural networks

Kun‐Lin Hsieh

Improving quality is essential work for manufacturing organizations competing in the global marketplace. Parameter optimization is an efficient technique to achieve…



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