Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 12 Issue 1


Operations and Logistics Management

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Manufacturing best practice and human intellectual energy

Bob Barker

This paper argues that manufacturing system effectiveness has been severely weakened by the inefficient use of human intellectual energy and that traditional measures of…

Adoption of AMT by South African manufacturers

Amrik S. Sohal, Richard Schroder, Enrico O. Uliana, William Maguire

This paper presents the results of a survey of South African manufacturers that examined their planning and implementation activities relating to advanced manufacturing…

Investment appraisal techniques for advanced manufacturing technology (AMT): a literature review

F.T.S. Chan, M.H. Chan, H. Lau, R.W.L. Ip

This paper presents an overview and guidance for manufacturing companies which are preparing to invest in advanced manufacturing technology (AMT). The purpose of this…

A survey to assess the use of a framework for manufacturing excellencce

Vic Gilgeous, Maria Gilgeous

Fieldwork in several “best practice” companies showed that the important performance objectives sought to fulfil each company’s manufacturing strategy were achieved…

A new approach to the multiple objective facility layout problem

D.Y. Sha, Chien‐Wen Chen

This paper presents a new approach for combining the quantitative and qualitative objectives to resolve the facility layout problem. In previous studies, there are various…

Development of integrated design for disassembly and recycling in concurrent engineering

Ke‐Zhang Chen

The extremely high and ever‐increasing annual disposal rates of solid waste have caused a big problem for environmental protection in the world. Unlike the first…



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