Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 11 Issue 4


Operations and Logistics Management

Table of contents

Intelligent systems in manufacturing: current developments and future prospects

Farid Meziane, Sunil Vadera, Khairy Kobbacy, Nathan Proudlove

Global competition and rapidly changing customer requirements are demanding increasing changes in manufacturing environments. Enterprises are required to constantly…

Kanban setting through artificial intelligence: a comparative study of artificial neural networks and decision trees

Ina S. Markham, Richard G. Mathieu, Barry A. Wray

Determining the number of circulating kanban cards is important in order effectively to operate a just‐in‐time with kanban production system. While a number of techniques…

Intelligent dynamic scheduling system: the application of genetic algorithms

M. Jahangirian, G.V. Conroy

Learning machine scheduling strategies are addressed while concentrating on the dynamic nature of real systems. A framework is proposed consisting of two modules…

An agent system for collaborative version control in engineering

Barry Florida‐James, Nick Rossiter, Kuo‐Ming Chao

In this paper we present a system of distributed co‐operating agents whose goal is to manage change and organise version sets in an engineering environment. The agents are…

Improving effectiveness of manufacturing systems using total quality maintenance

Basim Al‐Najjar, Imad Alsyouf

In manufacturing systems intelligent techniques are being used to integrate and interpret data from multiple sensors to predict tool wear and tool life. Less attention is…

A dynamic adaptive system for economic design of multiple control charts

Chen‐Fang Tsai, Chris Bowerman, John Tait

Much research has recently been conducted into the use of models for the economic design of multiple control charts (EDCC). Control chart models generally assume that most…



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