Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 11 Issue 2


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Optimisation of man‐on‐board automated storage/retrieval systems

Fabrizio Dallari, Gino Marchet, Remigio Ruggeri

This study is concerned with evaluating the performance of different storage policies and tour construction procedures for multi‐command picking using automated…


Layout design in manual picking systems: a simulation approach

Franco Caron, Gino Marchet, Alessandro Perego

Manual picking system productivity is greatly influenced by layout design (i.e. the layout scheme and the number of aisles). In fact, layout plays an important role in…


Environmental information systems based on enterprise resource planning

A.J.D. Lambert, M.H. Jansen, M.A.M. Splinter

This paper describes the consequences of the integration of environmental information within enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. The state‐of‐the art of dedicated…


Make vs buy vs partnership in distributing commodities: a case study and a methodology

Gianluca Spina, Nicola Campanella, Giampaolo Codeluppi

This paper deals with the decision making about the strategic alternatives for distributing a commodity – the bulk cement – characterised by an extremely high incidence of…


Logistics innovation in the film manufacturing industry

Masaaki Ohba, Toshifumi Uetake, Hitoshi Tsubone

Presents a case study of a production seat booking system for the photographic color film manufacturing industry. This manufacturing process is a hybrid flow shop, which…


A mathematical model for modal shift to minimize NOx emissions

Tadayuki Masui, Shigeru Yurimoto

This is a preliminary study on the modal split of reducing environmental contaminants to a minimum. In this paper, we focus on NOx as a typical air pollutant and make…

A Hayes‐Wheelwright framework approach for strategic management of third party logistics services

Sin Hoon Hum

Third party logistics services have a significant role to play in the current trend of outsourcing of the logistics function. From the third party logistics service…


Time compression in production and distribution within the textile‐apparel chain

C. Forza, A. Vinelli

This paper offers a framework in order to examine the temporal sequences of the activities and decisions of the textile apparel chain and to present the prospects for…




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