Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 11 Issue 1


Operations and Logistics Management

Table of contents

The assessment of work organization in lean production: the relevance of the worker’s perspective

Stefano Biazzo, Roberto Panizzolo

Argues that the way work organization in lean production environments is assessed depends heavily on the choice of the variables that are adopted to ascertain the degree…

Cladistics: a taxonomy for manufacturing organizations

Ian McCarthy, Keith Ridgway

Presents an evolutionary management technique (cladistics) which could enable organizations to formally and systematically understand the emergence of new manufacturing…

Human intelligence: the key factor for successful intelligent manufacturing

Yuejin Zhou, K.B. Chuah

The study of intelligent manufacturing systems (IMS) has attracted increasing interest in recent years. Examines “human intelligence” as the key factor in IMS in the…

Facial prosthetic model fabrication using rapid prototyping tools

Chua Chee Kai, Chou Siaw Meng, Lin Sin Ching, Lee Seng Teik, Saw Chit Aung

While computerized tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technologies are highly commendable for their applications and usage, sometimes cases involving…

A rotary magazine‐based dynamic pick‐and‐place approach for robotic PCB assembly

Li‐Hsing Ho

Electronics manufacturers use robots extensively in printed circuit board (PCB) assembly to attain high product quality at low production times. In robotic PCB assembly…

A sequence algorithm for minimising makespan in multi‐part and multi‐machine flowshop cases

Shiu Hong Choi, James Siu Lung Lee

Minimising makespan aims to achieve high utilisation of equipment and resources by getting all jobs out quickly. This is an important scheduling criterion, especially…

Engineering design change management

M.W. Kidd, G. Thompson

Outlines the economic consequences of changes that are made during the design process and manufacture. Computer and paper based systems are considered, and the advantages…



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