Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 10 Issue 6


Operations and Logistics Management

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FLEAS: a flowline environment for automated supervision

J.E. Spragg, G. Fozzard, D.J. Tyler

The paper discusses the design, implementation and validation of FLEAS, a flowline environment for automated supervision of clothing manufacturing systems. The paper…

Generating operating procedures for chemical process plants

Ruth Aylett, Gary Petley, P.W.H. Chung, James Soutter, Andrew Rushton

Operating procedure synthesis (OPS) has been used to generate plant operating procedures for chemical plants. However, the application of AI planning to this domain has…

A hybrid intelligent inference model for computer aided process planning

X.G. Ming, K.L. Mak, J.Q. Yan

Computer aided process planning (CAPP) is generally acknowledged as a significant activity to achieve computer‐integrated manufacturing (CIM). In coping with the dynamic…

Towards the development of an intelligent inventory management system

Khairy A.H. Kobbacy, Yansong Liang

This paper is concerned with the development of an intelligent inventory management system which aims at bridging the substantial gap between the theory and the practice…

A two‐phase procedure for cell formation in manufacturing systems

Elizabeth Maria Klippel, Arlindo Gomes de Alvarenga, Francisco José Negreiros Gomes

This work addresses the problem of specification of cellular manufacturing systems (CMS), identifying the machine cells and the respective part families, as well as…

Design targets determination for inter‐dependent product attributes in QFD using fuzzy inference

Richard Y.K. Fung, Dave S.T. Law, W.H. Ip

Since imprecision, vagueness and ambiguity are often innate in human semantics, a flexible and tolerant method is needed to decode the voice of customer (VoC), so that…



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