Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 10 Issue 2


Operations and Logistics Management

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Quality system design and development in the CIMS environment

Yuejin Zhou, K.B. Chuah, Zhengkang Lu

Quality is a fundamental assurance of enterprises’ survival and development. The design and development of a quality system in the environment of CIMS are a very important…

Product data management based on Web technology

Xingjun Chu, Yuqing Fan

At present, PDM (product data management) technology is on its way to application, and PDM vendors are demonstrating their PDM products on the market. At the same time, as…

Implementing CIMS in Shenyang Blower Works

Jingsong Xue, Haibin Yu, Rulin Mu, Kemin Lin

Computer‐integrated manufacturing (CIM) has been paid serious attention in most of the industrialized countries. Shenyang Blower Works (SBW), the largest enterprise…

CIMS in the Shanghai No. 2 Textile Machinery Co. Ltd

Wang Xing Ming, Zeng Zhiling, Zhou Yu

Shanghai No. 2 Textile Machinery Co. Ltd (STMC) is one of the key companies that were selected for implementing 863/CIMS. The framework of STMC‐CIMS was established at the…

Agile concurrent engineering

Hong Sen Yan, Jian Jiang

On the basis of analyzing the drawbacks of the existing concurrent engineering (CE), a new concept of agile concurrent engineering (ACE) characterized by the agile teams…

An improved self‐adaptive filter forecasting method

Wang Bo, Luo Yimei, Wang Yuning

This paper improved the self‐adaptive filter‐forecasting model that is one of deterministic constant parameter forecasting models. An attenuation/gain function is drawn…



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