Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 1 Issue 4


Operations and Logistics Management

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Jaguar moves further down the CIM road

Describes the introduction of a computerised statistical processcontrol and quality monitoring facility by Jaguar Cars. Examines thefacility itself as well as the…

Bendix builds a six‐machine FMS

J. Hollingum

Examines the progressive introduction of a large FMS by BendixHeavy Vehicles. Discusses the reasons for installing FMS: the need forbatch production, reduction of labour…

Open systems do exist

A. Lee‐Mortimer

Discusses CIMAC′s demonstration system in the context of the DTI′sOpen Systems in Manufacturing programme. Considers the way proprietarycommunication systems discriminate…

Selecting tools like the expert

C.S. Syan

Considers the development of the automatic cutting tool selectionsystem. Examines how the advent of knowledge‐based expert systems andCAD popularity has enabled wider…

Manufacturing systems

C.B. Besant, M. Ristic, P. Champ, E.P. Jansen, R.A. Hancke, L. Hatziconstantis

Presents a distributed manufacturing system concept designed toaddress the problem of flexibility in providing a variety of parts insmall to medium batches. Discusses…

On the way to CIM

P. Mullins

Discusses the upgrading of a Hampshire IBM plant to CIM operationto take advantage of the UK information technology market. Considers theCIM programme from the cell level…

Quicker response from portables

Describes the improvement in quality audit procedures brought aboutby the use of hand‐held computers at Leyland Daf. Discusses the qualityaudit problems that existed prior…

A CASE for manufacturing

Carl Gavin, David Little

Describes the use of CASE tools in manufacturing as a means ofreducing lead times. Discusses the requirements of manufacturing throughthe 1990s, as well as two…

MMS and OSI: key to manufacturing communications

J. Hollingum

Reports on a study of the technical requirements and the businesscase for installing an enterprise‐wide network including networkingwithin the factory. Discusses the use…

Expert systems aids integration

Discusses the use of an expert system‐based package, LOCAM, by fourcomponent manufacturers to bring together widely distributed expertknowledge. Examines the…



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