Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 1 Issue 1


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Simultaneous Engineering: The reality behind the jargon

A. Lee‐Mortimer

Reports on three papers concentrating on simultaneous engineering,presented at the Autotech 89 congress. Argues that CAE and CNC machinesand new manufacturing systems…

IBM offers CIM architecture

Discusses IBM′s new architecture defining the framework withinwhich it intends to introduce new hardware and software products. Statesthat the architecture involves the…

Application: FMS takes over the transfer line business

A. Kochan

Discusses the use of flexible machining systems as a solution whenvolumes are too low to justify a transfer line. Considers the example ofa new engine produced by…

Isolated or out in front

Describes the assembly process at Volvo′s Uddevalla plant.Considers the layout, management of materials, flexibility, training,working conditions, and teamwork, as well as…

Methodologies for manufacturing systems

T. Wyatt

Reports on a conference staged to bring together all partiesconcerned with the specification, analysis, design and operation ofmanufacturing systems. Identifies a business…

FMT aims to SATE demand for computer controls

Discusses the small cell approach of one machine tool builder– FMT – and how this led to a modular product philosophy,allowing progressive cell evolution. Describes the…

Cutter manufacturer finds the right tool

I.B. Brodbeck

Examines the facts that have led to the adoption of an FMSinstallation and CADCAM system. Discusses the requirements of theinstallation: complete machining, off‐line tool…

Saab integrates team assembly

J. Hartley

Discusses the efforts made in Saab′s new factory to overcomeproblems of motivation and absenteeism in the workforce. Describes theassembly system, which combines working…

Concrete results as mixer production peaks

Examines the manufacturing methods utilised by a UK concrete mixerproducer – Belle Engineering. Describes how the constant review ofmanufacturing methods has led to the…

Products still the limit for MAP

A. Kochan

Discusses the difficulties delaying widespread adoption of MAP as avital manufacturing tool. Considers the facilities of MAP which makesthe pilot projects popular, and…

Technology no longer a risk for cells

A. Kochan

Considers the state of linked machining cells manufacture as anaccepted manufacturing tool. Describes various new products in the FMSsector, including a laser processing…

Matching the software to the job

G. Degiovanni

Considers the use of a computer based cell controller and monitorto meet cell design goals, with particular reference to the ITP cellcontroller. Describes in detail the…



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