Logistics Information Management: Volume 9 Issue 4


Operations and Logistics Management

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An empirical investigation of the relationship between institutional ownership and information technology

Zeinab A. Karake

Investigates the relationship between the level of institutional ownership in a corporation and the magnitude of a company’s investment in information technology resources…

EDI maturity and the competitive edge

Dave Whiteley

Most electronic data interchange (EDI) users start electronic trade with a simple experimental system. This initial step includes just one or two message types with one or…

Scheduling stocks and storage space in a volatile market

Mike Benwell

Examines three areas within warehouse management of stocks: determining material requirements; establishing storage needs; and controlling supplies. Based on an example of…

Forecasting ‐ key to good service at low cost

A.H. Lines

Provides a summary of the main reasons for making forecasts, types of forecast and their methods of preparation and interpretation. The transformation of industrial…

The importance of information flow within the supply chain

Janak Singh

Discusses the importance of information flow within the relatively complex supply chain of a communications company with centralized European production centres and…

Analysing accurately the costs of servicing individual accounts and using this information to improve distribution decisions

David Chapman

Uses W. Pauley and Co., a fruit and vegetable food service company, a major supplier within the UK field, as a case study. Discusses using an integrated mix of software…

International comparisons of supply‐chain relationships

Christine Harland

There is increasing interest in inter‐firm relationships as more firms rely on resources outside their own firm to compete successfully. However, managers have not yet…

What makes reusable packaging systems work

Don McKerrow

Discusses the benefits of recycling packaging, the most obvious being cost savings. But other benefits are often more important, such as better storage facilities and ease…


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