Logistics Information Management: Volume 9 Issue 2


Operations and Logistics Management

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JIT sensitive distribution ‐ cutting waste and serving the customer

Lawrence Christensen

Discusses the findings of an industry working group that examined time sensitive distribution, otherwise known as just‐in‐time distribution (JIT). JIT was examined as part…

Monitoring information and materials to enhance logistics performance

John F. Hill

The need to make forecasts is commonplace in industry. The accuracy (and hence, usefulness) of forecasts varies from one sector to another, but is rarely high. Describes…

Enterprise management‐ the logical integration of the supply chain

Mac Exon‐Taylor

Provides a short introduction to the concept of enterprise management. Enterprise management is concerned with ensuring that certain key business processes (manufacturing…

Continuous acquisition and life‐cycle support: the risks and benefits of early supplier involvement in the development process

Brian Rigby

Provides an overview of the uses and benefits in product development of early supplier involvement. Via a case study covers issues such as timing, identifying suppliers…

The Unisys parts supply chain ‐ the win‐win option

Stephen Errey

Some managers may assume that improvements in service can only be achieved by an increase in stock investment and that any stock reduction will reduce service efficiency…

Re‐designing a complex, multi‐customer supply chain

David Hole, Jim Marsh, Mike Hudson

Provides details of the case study company’s background and highlights the need for quality of service. Describes in detail the re‐design process and the methodologies…

Look before you leap

Ray Perry

Automating warehouse operations can be a very alluring proposition. However, it is vital that a decision to progress with such substantial investment is taken only after…

Designing flexible logistics systems: a review of some Singaporean examples

J. Barton Cunningham

The increased efficiencies to be gained in improving logistics has pushed managers to explore a number of new ideas, technologies, and methods of information management…



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