Logistics Information Management: Volume 7 Issue 6


Operations and Logistics Management

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Use of the Z Transform in Assembly Planning and Error Recovery

G.J. Monkman

The modelling and analysis of robotic assembly cells and productionlines usually relies on sophisticated software packages designed tosimulate the operation of systems…

Planning for Excellence in Materials Handling

David Sykes

Materials handling has traditionally been at the bottom of anyinvestment strategy requirements. Yet improved control of inventory canlead to huge benefits – reduced…

Paying for Transport through New Technology

John Clark

Briefly reviews the modern history of transportation and reasons forroad pricing via toll roads (reducing congestion and generatingrevenue). Examines new technology to…

Finished Stock: The Piggy in the Middle

William Steele, Kevin Plunkett

Recently there has been a proliferation of interest in the topic oftotal supply chain management. This interest has prompted many companiesin the fast moving consumer…

Supplier‐Retailer Collaboration in European Grocery Distribution

Matthew Walker

Describes a research project conducted throughout Europe, aiming toestablish the extent of collaboration in the grocery supply chain and toquantify the true benefits of…

People Empowerment

Jerry Austen‐Smith

Describes the launch by the Hays Distribution Service of a programmeaimed at becoming an empowered organization. The company′s objectiveswere redefined, the role of each…

Learning by Doing: : Electronic Date Interchange Adoption by Retailers

Joshua Bamfield

Considers EDI for retailers in the context of innovation theory. A casestudy of nine retailers who adopted EDI during 1987‐92 is used todiscuss the reasons why EDI was…



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