Logistics Information Management: Volume 7 Issue 2


Operations and Logistics Management

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Implementing MRPII: Leadership, Rites and Cognitive Change

Andrew D. Brown

Argues that the effective management of technological change requirestransformational leadership, and that one of the principal toolsemployed by the transformational…

Statistical Analysis with a Spreadsheet: A Comparison of Software

Andrew Robson

Undertakes a comparative study of the statistical capability of threespreadsheets which are commonly used in the business sector. Thespreadsheets considered are Lotus…

Purchasing Partnerships, Technology and the Treasury Function

Anthony Birts, Paul D. Cousins

The concept of purchasing partnerships is designed to eradicate theadversarial nature of the purchasing process with its resulting costsand inefficiencies, and to replace…

Competitive Communication Strategies

Stephen Marsh

Summarizes the findings of the work undertaken by the Centre forExploitation of Science and Technology into the interaction betweentransport and communications. Draws on…

A Concept Model and Checklists for EDI Planning

Andy Bytheway

With any new technology such as EDI there is a need to reduce theconfusion that might arise, by adopting standard terms and bypositioning it within a proper context…

Reinventing Logistics:: Is Business Process Re‐engineering the Answer?

James Cooper, Robert Stephan

Business process re‐engineering (BPR) stresses the importance of takinga process‐led approach to management compared with the functionalapproach used by most companies…

The Politics of Information

Reports on Reuters Business Information research which reveals that fewBritish businesses have an information policy and most heard informationat senior levels.

High Performance Customer Management

Stephen Ives

Research shows that customer management is seen as a problemcontributing to increased complexity, yet its benefits are understood.Discusses specific measures to…

Making Warehouses Healthier

Rick Ballard

Describes the “Health Check” – an investigation of critical activitiesin warehouses which incorporates reviews of people′s perceptions,technology applied and systems used…



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