Logistics Information Management: Volume 3 Issue 4


Operations and Logistics Management

Table of contents

Adding Value through Logistics Management

R. Graeme Willersdorf

It is argued that added value is poised to develop into a major success factor in the future, based on what customers need. The logistics function will play an important…

Freight Distribution and Transport Systems Planning

Teodor Gabriel Crainic, Pierre J. Dejax

Interactive‐graphic systems and operations research methodologies are increasingly being combined to produce efficient, versatile and powerful tools that enhance the…

Managing Logistics in Remote Locations:: A Case Study

Murray Cook

A company's approach to developing and implementing an integrated supply management technique and system is examined, and it is concluded that, in the medium to long term…

Integrated Logistics Systems with Distribution Resources Planning

Len Edwards, Robin Lucas

Planning systems are only as good as their interface with the distribution function. If distribution is having an adverse effect on the overall logistics system, then we…

Computer‐assisted Vehicle‐routeing Systems

Brian F. O'Neil, Michael R.W. Bommer

Increasingly, companies are looking for more efficient ways of distributing their goods and are turning to Computer‐assisted Vehicle‐routeing Systems (CAVRS) to replace…

Beyond MRP II:: On the Future of Standard Software for Production Planning and Control

J. Wijngaard

The advantages and shortcomings of MRP are assessed and put in the context of use. MRP's probable future development is discussed.

Just‐in‐time:: Supplier‐side Strategic Implications

Yohannan Abraham, Thomas Holt, Yunus Kathawala

The Japanese practice of Kanban (Just‐in‐time — JIT), has won a lot of converts in recent times in the US and elsewhere. Literature is rife with success stories, though…

Who Cares about International Freight?

Abby Day

As customers begin to get a taste of dealing with carrier‐partnerships, the traditional freight forwarders' job becomes even more tenuous unless they also form…



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