Logistics Information Management: Volume 16 Issue 6


Operations and Logistics Management

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Multi‐criteria supplier selection using fuzzy AHP

Cengiz Kahraman, Ufuk Cebeci, Ziya Ulukan

A supplier selection decision inherently is a multi‐criterion problem. It is a decision of strategic importance to companies. The nature of this decision usually is…

An integrated approach for supplier selection

Ferhan Çebi, Demet Bayraktar

Competitive international business environment has forced many firms to focus on supply chain management to cope with highly increasing competition. Hence, supplier…

Linguistic assessment approach for managing nuclear safeguards indicator information

Da Ruan, Jun Liu, Roland Carchon

A flexible and realistic linguistic assessment approach is developed to provide a mathematical tool for synthesis and evaluation analysis of nuclear safeguards indicator…

Supplier selection using activity‐based costing and fuzzy present‐worth techniques

Ibrahim Dogan, Ugur Sahin

The relationship between a supplier and a purchaser is one of the most essential issues for viability of both sides. The well‐built relationship is especially related to…

Viability of e‐commerce as an alternative distribution channel

Muhamad Jantan, Nelson Oly Ndubisi, Ong Boon Yean

This paper proposes a framework for evaluating the impact of e‐commerce on the roles of distributors in the semiconductor industry for four different types of products…

Evaluating IS usage in Malaysian small and medium‐sized firms using the technology acceptance model

Nelson Oly Ndubisi, Muhamad Jantan

The current research investigates the impact of persona‐system characteristics, technical backing, and computing skill on information systems (IS) usage by Malaysian small…

A case study of supplier selection for lean supply by using a mathematical model

Semra Birgün Barla

The role of purchasing departments has changed significantly in today's competitive environment. In order to keep the promises to customers; an effective material…



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